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Recent-er Projects

Feed the Rocker Investigate why real estate Agent Angie Dee is battling the house for her life and career in this hidden object/adventure.
Feed the Rocker Video preview of a previous Facebook game.
My US Rep
My US Rep
: Role Play Your Favorite US House representative
NorthSouth - A Paint Toy
:A Paint Toy About Immigration. Collaborate with this interaction to create your own image
Your 2 Cents
Your 2 Cents
: Visit this site to see results from this Interview Machine

Archived Projects

See if you got what it takes to be a high school principle after the historic Supreme Court decision Play Bong Hits 4 Jesus - The Game

The Grid
The Grid: Casual Javascript
Art Games and Stuff

Explosions Play, watch and navigate Explosions
Vote MachineVote Machine: Enter a Confusing
World in Search of Votes With This Art Game
Death Penalty Fun
Play the Phrase Game
Death Penalty Fun, our first
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